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High Peak Borough Council has a strategic responsibility to facilitate access to affordable and decent homes. With demand for affordable housing and house prices rising, it is important to make best use of existing stock. Empty homes can fall into disrepair and cause problems for neighbours and the wider community because they can attract anti-social behaviour. In order to mitigate this, HPBC has a commitment to bring empty homes back into use.

From 1st April 2024, High Peak Borough Council, under the powers provided for in Section 11a Local Government Finance Act 1992, have made the decision to no longer award a three month (100%) unoccupied and substantially unfurnished property discount.

Therefore, council tax charges will apply to property owners/landlords as soon as a tenancy ends.

A decision has also been made to no longer award a 12 month (50%) uninhabitable property discount for properties which are in need of or undergoing structural alterations or major repairs or renovations.


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